How To Access Your Purchase

Darren Little here and I'm making this page to help guide you to your product after you purchase just in case you get a little confused.

It's actually really easy so don't worry.

Step 1: Purchase Product
You will need to purchase Speed Recruiting from our homepage here if you haven't done so already.
Step 2: Look For Purchase Receipt
We use JVZoo for our processing and handling. Because of this you will receive 2 emails after your purchase.

One email will be from JVzoo and another email will be from Me.

You can use either email to access your purchase.

JVzoo is a purchase portal that will allow you to access any of your purchases that you make through JVzoo through your own JVzoo members area. If you'd like to access your product through JVzoo please look for the JVzoo Purchase email
Access Method 1: JVZoo
To access Speed Recruiting through JVZoo, look for the JVZoo purchase email with your JVzoo login information. Like in the example below.
Once you log into JVzoo you will see all your purchases that you can access. If you have only purchased Speed Recruiting that's all you will be able to see. See the image below.

Then you will want to scroll down and click the ACCESS PURCHASE button. Like In the image below. Then you will be able to access your purchase.
Access Method 2: Logging In
To access Speed Recruiting through simply logging in you'll need 3 things.

1.) Your Username
2.) Your Password
3.) Member Login URL

The login url can be found by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

To find your login information please reference the reciept email we automatically sent out to you. It should look like the image below
You can access your purchase by clicking on the link in that email and it will automatically log you into the members area.

If it does not automatically log you in, you will be asked to log in. Please use the login credentials from this email (NOT THE ONE FROM JVZOO) to log into your members area.
Q: I don't see a payment receipt with my login info in my inbox.
A: There are 2 reasons for this. 1.) It might be in your spam inbox. 2.) If we get a high number of sales at 1 time, it may take up to 5 minutes for you to receive your login information.
If you still do not get it, don't worry you can reset your password by clicking on the FORGOT password button on the login page. Input your purchase email address to send yourself a link to reset your password.

Q: My Login Info Doesn't Work
A: If you're login information does not work for logging into the Speed Recruiting Members area please make sure you are using the automatically generated credentials from US and not JVzoo. The JVZoo login credentials won't work on the site.
If that still doesn't work. Please use the "FORGOT Password" button on the login form to reset your password. The password reset email sometimes goes to SPAM as well.
Q: I still have questions
A: Please contact us at