"How Anyone Can Recruit New Reps In 6-45 Minutes With These Simple To Follow Strategies"


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Speed Recruiting With Darren Little


Imagine what it will feel like when you can recruit new reps into your business AT WILL.

WHAT IF you could literally say to yourself….

“TODAY I’m going to expand my team!”

And within a few short hours of watching SPEED RECRUITING you had the EXACT step-by-step process to turn yourself into a TOP RECRUITER.

WHAT IF within a week or two of implementing the SPEED RECRUITING strategies you started seeing YOUR NAME climbing up the leader boards in your company?

Not months from now…

Not weeks from now…

THE SAME DAY you got your hands on SPEED RECRUITING and watched 3 SIMPLE, YET DETAILED MODULES the days of struggling in your business will OFFICIALLY BE OVER.

What would it feel like for YOU if you knew 100%, without a shadow of a doubt, that personally recruiting one to seven reps in a day was REALLY POSSIBLE?

What would it feel like if you knew the EXACT FORMULA to personally sponsor as many as 79 people with A SINGLE EMAIL?


From The Desk Of Darren Little AKA The MLM Superhero

Hi! My name is Darren Little. Also known online as the MLM Superhero and what you are about to discover is a tried, tested and proven formula that has allowed me to personally sponsor over 1000 people PERSONALLY into a variety of companies.

What’s even better is that some of my students have gone from having 10 years of failure to becoming multiple six figure income earners building teams larger than 15,000 people once they learned these secrets.
One of my students went from completely homeless and 6 months later experienced a $20,000 month. Another student tried for over 10 years to become a top recruiter without success and once they learned my strategies sponsored 73 people in 90 days and went on to have multiple consistent 5 figure months!
Five of my students have gone on to write their own books or be featured in books and many others have created their own products or affiliate programs once they have gone through my mentorship.
In fact, once you get your hands on my SPEED RECRUITING strategies you will learn the exact strategies that I’ve used to have people calling me with credit card in hand offering me as much as $3000 just to learn my secrets.
Above you can see just 3 affiliate programs that I’ve applied these strategies to. Every single time you will see me rising up the charts on the leader boards sponsoring as many as 79 people in a single day.NO JOKE.
What’s even better is that these are completely transferable skills. I’ve used these strategies to start businesses FROM SCRATCH and raise tens of millions of dollars and personally make millions of dollars myself.
I’ve also used these strategies to hire management teams, assemble board of directors and advisory boards as well as doing sponsorship deals.
I’ve even gotten people to give me free marketing and advertising materials, free hotel rooms, free trips to Club Med, upgrade my hotel rooms to executive suites, upgrade me from economy class to business class AND give me TONS of really cool stuff over the course of my career FOR FREE.
Not only am I going to give you my formula, but I’m going to also show you a way to fund your entire marketing and advertising campaign FOR FREE by simply helping other people on your team and in the industry learn these INCREDIBLE, YET SIMPLE TECHNIQUES.
If there has ever been a time to TAKE ACTION and get the one product that will completely change every aspect of your business SPEED RECRUITING is it!

Introducing Speed Recruiting

Inside Speed Recruiting Here's What You'll Learn:
  • Why People Fail in MLM Quicker Than Any Other Opportunity Online And How to Turn The Odds In Your Favor To Make It The Most Profitable And Fun Opportunity You've Ever Had

  • How To Never Get Rejected EVER AGAIN By Saying And Doing Simple Little Things To Help Your Prospects Always See The Advantage Of Your Opportunity

  • How To Get Everyone to SAY YES to Your Offer

  • Why Target Marketing Will Make You RICH

  • How To Get Endless Leads Using Social Media

  • My Personal Secret to a $10,000 Income in 30 days

  • How To Build Rapport In 5 MINUTES Or Less So You Can Ethically Persuade Anyone At Anytime

  • How To Get Your Phone Ringing With INCOMING CALLS From People Wanting To Join Your Opportunity Right Now

  • How To Tap Into The NO FEAR ZONE

  • The Secret To Having a Successful Advertising Campaign

  • How To Be Branded and Positioned as a Leader INSTANTLY

  • And Much More!


(Limited Copies Available At $97)
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Speed Recruiting With Darren Little
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